weekend fail.

yeah, so, on Saturday i helped throw my younger brother his high school graduation party. it went great, but there was a LOT of food, and thus, a LOT of sampling on my end. add on about four beers, and i officially hate myself.

then monday i had to work a double, so to get out of work for a bit i left for my lunch break. for WHATEVER insane reason i decided to go to CiCi’s Pizza Buffet. did i mention pizza is my favorite food? what about the fact that there was dessert there? i completely forgot all about weight watchers and everything, and i don’t even want to think about it now.

so, in order to attempt to recover, i’m on my way to the gym for the second time today. ughhhhh.

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thank me for my laziness later, tumblr.

so one of the perks of being home for the summer is that i live with my mom and she does weight watchers too. so usually she’ll just make meals big enough for two and give me my serving and calculate the points and i have to do virtually ~no work~. its friggin’ sweet. usually. but tonight she was all “i’m going out, fend for yourself for dinner !”

that bitch.

so i decided i would make my only go-to meal which is pizza muffins. i pretty much just throw sauce, cheese, and turkey pepperoni on a sandwich thin or english muffin, throw it in the toaster oven, and call it 6 points.

so i get out my english muffin and realized we had NO FAT FREE SHREDDED CHEESE and NO TURKEY PEPPERONI.

so i had to use makeshift ingredients which, for an extra point, came out better than normal.

-english muffin
-tomato sauce
-one slice of provolone cheese, shredded and divided between the two halves of the muffin

and i officially love myself. and it’s like 7 points. you’re welcome.

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what did you guys do today?

what did you guys do today?

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today (which is a work day) :(

pre-workout snack: whole wheat toast (1pt) with a tiny bit of peanut butter (1pt); banana
post-workout breakfast: hard boiled egg whites (0pts); bagel thin with strawberry cream cheese (5 pts)
lunch/dinner/work break: egg salad sandwich (one egg, one egg white, mustard, light mayo) on whole wheat bread (5pts); banana yogurt (2pts)
snack: orange (0pts)

which leaves me with 15 points to eat a post-work (10pm… i know that’s bad but i don’t have time ! ) light meal & a few brews :)

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sorry, fitblr, for neglecting you lately.

since being home from school i’m working full-time and taking a summer class so the bad news is that when i have free time, i want to be outside. the good news is that i’m doing well & staying active !

so far this week :

monday - 45 min. turbo-kick class (all cardio) and 45 min. tummy tuck and butt lift class (all strength)

tuesday - took off since i was car shopping all day and went out at night

wednesday - 40 min. jillian michaels cardio circuit DVD

thursday - 45 min. “triple fat burner” class — combination of strength, core, & cardio

today - 45 min. “mega mix” class — combination of step aerobics & kickboxing

& tomorrow i plan to take a 45 minute step class !

so all in all the workouts have been good, i’m getting in 5 or 6 days a week. the eating has had its ups and downs, but i’m doing a good job maintaining so that’s what counts =)

how is everybody ?!

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i need something fresh

something new to keep me motivated. i’m sick of weightwatchers, i’ve done it for a year now and i’m starting to resent it. i want to lose five more pounds but i can’t seem to consistently write down what i eat. ugh !

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without these baby’s i would not be running the mileage i do. 


without these baby’s i would not be running the mileage i do. 

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food log

830 am - two multigrain/reduced fat pancakes + 1 tbsp apple butter 3 points

915 - 10 am - 45 min step aerobic class

1145 am - yocrunch fruit + yogurt parfait 4 points

lunch break — anticipated 4pm - egg salad (one egg, one egg white, light mayo + mustard) on 1/2 whole grain pita pocket 4 points
mixed veggies + 1 tsp olive oil 1 point

evening snack - 100 calorie pack cocoa almonds 3 points

this sickening heat & my rock-bottom mood are taking a huge toll on my appetite… i’ve been having trouble finishing my points (at least in a healthy manner) & nothing sounds good to me ! :(

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i was craving a milkshake…

& my mom came up with the BEST solution !

2 tbsp sugar free pudding mix — your choice of flavor
1 cup milk or almond milk
1 tbsp fat free cool whip

blend it up and it tastes JUST like a super thick milkshake & it makes a lot… so good =) only about 3 points !

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